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NutriProtein is the all-natural, plant-based protein powder that helps you stay in control of your weight. Our proprietary blend of essential nutrients, organic proteins and high-fiber superfoods helps your body convert fat into natural energy, replenishes lost vitamins and minerals, and keeps your hunger cravings in check.

NutriProtein is a completely vegetarian protein supplement that’s created from the best ingredients on the planet: chickpeas and pea powder provide protein, iron and amino acids for muscle development and balanced weight + chia seeds and inulin offer fiber and heart-healthy fatty acids + acacia and guar gums promote gut and digestive health + moringa powder supplies vitamins, minerals and antioxidants + and chicory root offers probiotic support and a naturally sweet taste.

Simply mix NutriProtein with water for a delicious, silky-smooth shake that’ll keep your tastebuds satisfied — so you can keep your appetite under control.

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